How to Fix Damaged or Unknown Format Error RAR Files?

rarWinRAR is one of the useful utility for compressing a number of files in a single file. It was released on April 1995 for Windows system. WinRAR app compresses the file and save them into less memory space. Its password protection feature made it more superior. This tool saves a file in .zip or .rar format. It simply makes a bundle of files and save them as a single file. Beside these advanced features of WinRAR app, RAR file is also prone towards corruption issues. Sometime when user tries to open a RAR file, then it shows error message like “The Archive is either unknown format or damaged”. Such error message occurs due to the corruption of RAR file.

After facing such error message, people want to fix RAR files after WinRAR says file unknown format or damaged and retrieve their data contained this RAR file. So to repairing such corrupted RAR file which is showing such error message, people need an efficient program which allows them to fix all RAR file related issues and access all their files contained this damaged RAR file because there is no manual way to repair RAR file issue. WinRAR Repair is such efficient and highly recommended utility which is enough capable to all RAR files related issue in simple mouse clicks. To know more, check this url:

Let us talk about the most common causes by which RAR file shows unknown format or damaged error message:

  • Viruses are very harmful small computer program which enters into the system unknowingly through internet or external devices and corrupt the files stored on the hard drive.
  • Incomplete downloading of RAR file from internet or any interruption between RAR file transferring from system to external devices may lead to RAR corruption.
  • File Header contains important info about the file such as creation date, size, last modification, etc. If this header gets damaged, then entire file become inaccessible.
  • Incorrect up gradation of WinRAR application, sudden power outage, unexpected system shutdown, forcefully closing the application when performing any read or write operation can also lead to the damaged RAR file.

Whatever can be a reason behind RAR file corruption, people can easily fix RAR files after WinRAR says file unknown format or damaged error message by using WinRAR Repair application. This program has built with standard algorithms along with fast repairing mechanism which helps to fix all Rar files related issue easily. WinRAR Repair is a read only program which means it does not modify the corrupted RAR file. In order to fix RAR file issue it simply generates  a new RAR file with same name and read the information from corrupted RAR files and keep it into new one. This ready to use program supports to fix RAR file on all the versions of Windows systems such as Win 8, Win XP, Win 7, Win Vista, Win server 2003 and Win server 2008 easily. It also enables people to take the preview of repaired files before saving them to the destination.