How to Recover Deleted, Missing or Lost Photos

“I have a 1TB external hard drive that had close to 1000 pictures saved on it which I had clicked on my recent vacation to France. I had the pics on it for 3 straight months and it was fine but however I randomly gave a check last night and discovered the folder missing from […]... Read More

Mac Drive Data Recovery

Nowadays, many of the people prefer Mac compare to other computers not only to achieve high speed data processing but also to seek for security of data. On the other hand, good looks, pleasant graphics and other additional features makes attractive for the user to prefer this Mac computer. Anyhow, all these features also play […]... Read More

The Most Effective Method to Repair MOV Video File Error Mac

Nowadays, all of you realize that an upgraded advanced world gives you high clarity and viable features or films. There are number of media players accessible, QuickTime media player is amongst one that stores feature documents in .MOV document design on Mac working framework. MOV is normally a mixed media document organization dispatched by Apple […]... Read More

Fixing MP4 Files on Your PC

“I recorded a new MP4 video with my cellphone and transferred it to my PC. However, while playing the file with a media player on my PC, the file refused to start and gave me an error message. I now speculate the file is actually corrupt so, what can I do with this file? Can […]... Read More