Recover Lost Files from Windows NTFS Partition

Are you worried about your lost data from Windows NTFS partition? Then, stop worrying; because here is an excellent tool to recover files from Windows NTFS partition. NTFS Partition Recovery is the smartest application, which can perform lost NTFS partition recovery in few easy to execute steps. As soon as you find that, some of your important files missing from NTFS partition, then do not save any new files over the lost files on your NTFS partition, immediately make use of this tool, and easily restore files from lost NTFS partition in hassle free manner.

There are various factors behind data loss from NTFS partition. Few of them are discussed in brief below:

At times, when you decide to format one of your hard drive partitions on your Windows machine, you may mistakenly format the NTFS partition. As a result, entire data saved in this NTFS partition will be erased leading to severe data loss.

Virus and malware attack is one of the most common reasons behind data loss from NTFS partition. Virus and malwares are very dangerous programs, which will cause severe threat to files saved in any partition. When your NTFS partition is severely affected by harmful virus and malware infection, then the chance of NTFS partition becoming inaccessible will be quite high.

Sometimes, you may face a situation of saving some new files on your Windows NTFS partition, but the available free disk space on that partition may be very less. So, in such a situation, you may opt for removing some unwanted files using “Shift + Delete” keys. During this process, you may accidentally delete few crucial files from NTFS partition, which will result in data loss.

While moving all your files from NTFS partition to any of your removable storage device, your system may suddenly shut down due to unexpected power failure. As a result, you may lose some of your files from your NTFS partition. Otherwise, during file transfer process, you may abruptly eject your portable storage device from your system, which may also result in severe data loss from Windows NTFS partition.

When you want to reinstall your operating system or install an additional operating system on the NTFS partition of your Windows computer, you may repartition NTFS partition. In hurry, you may forget to take the backup of the files saved in this particular partition. Such a scenario leads to loss of data from NTFS partition.

You may also lose your valuable data from NTFS partition due to some other reasons like presence of severe bad sectors, file system corruption, error while converting the file system of NTFS partition, usage of unreliable third party tool, usage of disk management utility, accidental deletion of NTFS partition, etc.

Therefore, to avoid data loss from NTFS partition, you need to maintain regular backup of all the essential files. Assume that, you have not maintained backup of files and came across severe data loss due to any of these reasons. Then, you do not have to worry; because lost NTFS partition recovery is made easy and simple with the usage of NTFS Partition Recovery software. This tool has advanced scanning algorithms, which makes recovering data from NTFS partition easy. It is very safe, secure and read only tool, as it recovers all your files without causing any damage to the original files. This is a Microsoft certified tool and many industry experts have reviewed and recommended this tool to perform lost NTFS partition recovery on your Windows desktops or laptops with ease.

Features of NTFS Partition Recovery software:

Using this tool, you can recover various types of files such as PPT file, Word documents, PDF files, pictures, videos, MP3 files, games, application files, etc. It can easily perform NTFS partition recovery on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, XP, etc. This tool can also recover data from active Windows FAT partition with utmost ease. It permits you to sort all the recovered files based on various file attributes like file name, date, file type and file size. You can even add or file signatures on the recovered files. This tool allows you to preview all the recoverable files prior to restoration. It supports NTFS partition recovery from different types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA.