Repair Movie Files Not Recognized By QuickTime

Addressing Damaged / Unrecognized MOV Video Files:

Read on to know what essentially issues in videos referred to are, and how to encounter all such issues in a most prominent and reliable manner using QuickTime Repair software. Along with that, get to know the capabilities of this QuickTime repair tool that can prove to be helpful in addressing almost all issues that are witnessed while trying to play QuickTime videos.

QuickTime MOV file format:

MOV is mainly a video file format used for saving various sorts of multimedia files in general. Multimedia files such as movies, songs, 3D animations, audio / video recording data, etc. are stored and played using this proprietary file format. This popular video format utilizes a compression algorithm that is created by Apple and it is seamlessly compatible with both Mac and Windows based operating systems. This video format has a multimedia container file consisting of a number of tracks and every track stores a specific kind of info such as sound, movie, animations and even text. The .mov is a file extension used mainly while playing movies using QuickTime media player. The foremost advantage of this video format is its ability to hold abstract data references for all media files. This feature signifies that the movies can be modified with ease. Several major media playback devices and multimedia players make use of this famous media format.

However, similar to all other famous media formats, the QuickTime MOV files too are quite inclined to get unrecognized or corrupt. Once these movies get corrupted or damaged as a result of any unfortunate situations, it becomes crucial for you to mend the QuickTime movies to address corruption issues in it in order to make the videos capable of playing normally on your computer.

General actions that cause movie unrecognized errors in QuickTime videos:

  • Mainly on Windows based computers and laptops, viruses and other malignant programs can easily be the cause behind a corrupt or unrecognized video on your computer
  • Facing interruptions while downloading them from the web are commonly witnessed as it is not unusual for videos to be broken or incomplete prior to download. Likewise, any accidental disruptions while downloading QuickTime videos can easily make them inaccessible or unrecognized
  • Transporting QuickTime movie files from one computer to another improperly can sometimes make them to get corrupt or unrecognizable
  • Regularly experiencing situations such as power failures, sudden termination of the QuickTime while editing or moving them from one platform to any other, and facing other critical situations can cause harm to these movies resulting in file corruption

Executing MOV video correction using QuickTime Repair software:

You can now confidently carry out unrecognized MOV video fix with the help of QuickTime Repair software. It is a powerful movie correction tool for all users (supports Windows OS as well as Mac OS X). It enables you to perform video repair which is broken or unrecognized with ease. It is a reliable and hugely recommended QuickTime video fix tool available for all users working on Windows as well as Mac OS X based computers which can efficiently repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files and make them playable without any interruptions.

The demo version of QuickTime Repair software is absolutely free to download and make use of. (Use the link posted in this page to download this tool). Once downloading is done, install it on your system and run it to scan for any errors in video files, correct them and make the movie playable. You can avail all this only by using the free version of this tool. Once the process is successfully carried out, and after you have played the fixed video from the software’s built-in preview window, you can opt for the full version of this application in order to store the movie to any safe volume on your computer.

Advanced features of QuickTime Repair software:

  • Besides resolving corrupt and unrecognized MOV errors, you can deploy this application to fix corrupt / broken .mp4 videos as well
  • You will be easily able to fix corrupt or broken files which are saved on any external media storage devices directly. This includes external hard disk drives of all brands, pen drives, XD cards and other Mac / Windows supported memory volumes
  • All repaired files will be playable without any trouble on all systems including Windows and Mac

QuickTime Repair tool can also correct other many other issues which hinder a normal and uninterrupted movie play. Some of the most common symptoms of MOV corruption are posted below:

  • The A / V of the movie is having out of sync errors
  • The QuickTime video is showing a green screen when it is played
  • Video is not recognized by the player at all but it has occupied comparable amount of space
  • The movie freezes all of a sudden while playing or the playback is pixelated / blurry