Software to Recover Data from Unreadable SD Card

Secure Digital card shortly called as SD card, is a flash type memory storage device, which is mostly used in portable devices like mobiles, digital cameras, camcorders, iPod’s, tablet computers and more. SD cards are used to extend the storage memory space of these portable storage devices. There are innumerous memory cards with different shape in the market which include SD card, memory stick, XD card, MMC, CF, SDHC, SDXC, etc. SD cards are available in various capacities(up to 128 GB), which can store any type of data including text, Word files, spreadsheets, songs, videos, sound notes, etc.

Now a day’s everyone is familiar with memory cards and its utilization in many ways to store data. Even though being familiar, you may face problem of data loss from your SD card due to various reasons. Sometimes your SD card may become inaccessible or unreadable when you use it with any storage device (like computer, mobile phones, cameras and any other device). It will displays some error messages like SD card is not recognizing, format error, etc and you are eventually thrown into a situation to format it to make it readable again but formatting the SD card will erase all data present on it.

Are you facing such unreadable SD card problems?? Now it is possible to restore all the data from an unreadable SD card by using SD Card Recovery software. It is a highly ranked and effective recovery tool available in the internet by which data recovery from unreadable SD card can be accomplished very easily. By using this excellent utility you can retrieve data from unreadable SD card within a few eye blinks.

Some reasons that make SD card data unreadable:

File system corruption:  if the file system of SD card becomes corrupted due to some unknown reasons then the entire SD card becomes inaccessible or unreadable.

Virus infection: When you connect SD card with a heavily virus infected computer, there might be a chance that your SD card may get affected and data present in it becomes unreadable.

Mishandling SD card: Abrupt ejection of SD card while transferring files between SD card and other storage device will interrupt the process. Due to this interruption the file structure of SD card might get corrupted as a result leaving card in unreadable state.

Other reasons: Some other reasons that make a SD card unreadable are frequent formatting the SD card, improper mounting SD card, due to the presence of bad sectors, sudden power failure while data transferring, aging factor of SD card and more.

Key points of SD Card Recovery software:

  • This software has especially built-in algorithm with advanced features which will scan and retrieve data from unreadable SD card in a quick time.
  • It identifies and recovers different data formats like RAW images, pictures, songs, videos etc, from your unreadable SD card.
  • This tool is read-only, in entire process of recovering data it doesn’t damage your data.
  • It has an in-built Find tool ensures you to find data quickly according to name, size, and file type, etc.
  • This tool has the potential to perform recover unreadable SD card for data recovery from unreadable SD cards on both Windows and Mac Operating platforms
  • Along with unreadable SD card recovery, this utility also allows you to retrieve data from different type of memory cards like  SDXC, XD, Micro SD, Mini SD, CF card, etc
  • This data recovery software allows you to preview recovered files before you want to save them.


  • It is advisable to keep a additional back up of your valuable data
  • Avoid sudden ejection of SD card while data is transferring.
  • Avoid frequent interface of your SD card with several other storage devices.