Software to Restore Data from External Hard Drive

External hard drives are used to backup the data and transfer data among the Computer Systems. It stores large amount of data, this makes possible to carry 1 Terabyte of data. It provides more safety and security to data compared to internal hard drive, because these can be placed outside the system. These devices are connects to the system by using USB cables, Fire Wires and you can also connect it to network through Ethernet and eSata connection. External USB hard drives are compatible with Operating System like Microsoft Windows, Mac, UNIX, and so on.

In some scenarios external HD may also fails to protect data stored in it, because of corruption or due to system crash. Let us consider a scenario where user saved lot of data on external hard drive. He connected USB HDD to system and accessing some files from it. Due to sudden power failure whole thing goes wrong. After some time he tried to open that, but he observe onscreen message like “Request cannot performed due to I/O error” or “Drive is not accessible” or “Kernel [0]:Disk0s2: I/O error”. Thus external hard drive becomes inaccessible. Don’t worry, you can recover external hard drive data instantly by using External Hard Drive Recovery software. This application can also rescue data from hard drives, memory cards, etc. If you want to recover lost or deleted data instantly go here.

There are some common reasons that cause data loss or deletion. While moving data from external hard drive to system by using cut + paste operation, then be careful it may leads to data loss if you accidentally press delete option instead paste option. If you face any interruptions like power surge or abrupt system shut down while transferring files, then you may end up with data loss.

Some human mistakes like accidentally pressing Shift + Delete option or unintentionally deleted necessary files while deleting unnecessary files. This leads to data deletion, if you unknowingly press Format option on external drive brings huge amount of data loss.

External USB HDD corruption due to improperly ejecting it from system ports or by virus/malware/strong Trojans attack makes drives data inaccessible. This leads to data loss or deletion.

Tips: Be careful while formatting any partitions of the external hard drives, make use of “Safely Remove Hardware” option to disconnect it. If you are facing frequent power loss while transferring important data, connect external power supply (UPS) to the system. Maintain updated anti-virus software to avoid virus or malware attack.      

Significant features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software:

This software retrieves various types of files such as word documents, spread sheets, picture files, audio files, video file and many more. It has capacity to store 300 file formats. It has a simple and easy interface to restore lost or deleted files within less span of time. This is because of its fast and advanced algorithms. You can able to recover external HD of different brands such as Transcend, Seagate, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Iomega, and so on. It can able to recover lost or deleted data from FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+ partition. This software also creates disk images of bad sectors to bypass them. By this program you can also edit file signatures and this tool sorts the based on file name, file extension, file size and date of creation. For extra information visit link and you can also know about its working procedure.

If you are wanted to achieve external hard drive data recovery mac, then it become the suitable solution. It is compatible with different versions of the Mac Operating System such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc.

After data loss or deletion from external hard drive stop working immediately and connect it with system. Download and install free demo version of the External Hard Drive Recovery Software. First it scans the entire disk within fraction of minutes. With in little number of steps it will provide preview of the lost or deleted files. If you satisfied with the demo version results then purchase licensed version to save them permanently.