The Best Way to Fix QuickTime on Mac

QuickTime can be a media player that can help to experience videos and supports various file formats. QuickTime is designed and launched by Apple and therefore it is appropriate for Mac OS. Later it is also released for Windows to play videos with high end quality. The QuickTime application can be used for recording videos and play the various kinds of movie file formats. Generally, when the system is used for business work or entertainment, many times the unusual events occurs. Sometimes, these scenarios will finish with the corruption of files including QuickTime videos stored on your Mac computer. Then a user commonly gets question in mind, like how to fix QuickTime on Mac? However, it’s not a big deal as the QuickTime repair software packages are easily accessible online. One of the best reliable and trustworthy QuickTime repair software can be obtained through the website –

Factors that cause QuickTime video file corruption

MOV Header Damage: Every file contains two parts that is header and the body. The header part has the specifics of files; for example, file location, size, last modification date, extension, etc. When you try to play video file, the Mac OS verifies its header information and plays it to suit your needs. However, if your file header gets corrupted, the QuickTime media player will not identify that video file and becomes unable to get involved in it.

Power Surge: Power fluctuation is amongst the major reasons for QuickTime video file corruption. Improper power supply while playing a relevant video file and downloading films online may lead to corrupted video clips. In this instance the files like MOV and AVI file formats may get damage.

Incompatible Media Player: There are several video file formats which can be supportive towards only QuickTime media player, by way of example, MOV, MP4, MPEG, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AVI etc. Without being alert to this, trying to open up the QuickTime videos on other media players, may cause severe injury to that video files.

Besides the above explained scenarios, there are some other reasons, like improper system shutdown, malware attack, bad sectors on hard disk drives, firmware corruption, etc. No matter how the recording files are corrupted, you can actually repair damaged unrecognized QuickTime movie files by making use of QuickTime repair software. This can be among the powerful file repair application made to fix unrecognized MOV file, irrespective of reasons.

This software was created using the advanced technology. It is really capable to scan corrupted movie files and fix the errors associated with them. It supports to fix QuickTime video files on all Mac platforms – Mac OS X 10.5, Snow leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc. It could fix MOV files which might be corrupted because of defective video camcorder firmware. It has got many improvements like it’s possible to pick the desired place for saving repaired video clips. You can also preview the repaired video file before you go to save it on any storage device. By making use of demo sort of this software and with the help of preview option, it is possible to evaluate QuickTime video file repair results.