Use Apple TV to Imitate Classic Game Consoles

For those people who are very fortunate enough to have the advantage, the upcoming month bring a way toys for them. That is a great tech project for the thinkers. It might be time consuming but it is useful enough and fun enough which helps to do work easily. The Apple latest classic game console was the best experiment on Apple TV. There aren’t many others game like that yet, so it takes a little work for installation. On the other hand Apple doesn’t allow you to add-your-own-ROM emulators in the App Store, but new capabilities introduced in latest iOS 9 and the iOS-based tvOS make it possible to install them.


Right now there are two emulation projects which targeting tvOS. The first one is a distant relative of the MAME arcade emulator, it is not as tough as it is mentioned. The second one is Provenance, with which many people spend their time a lot. It’s a multi system emulator that has the ability to supports 8- and 16-bit consoles, which includes NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. It is the starting period for consoles, but in future you are going to see many consoles. Provenance is heavily based on the open source code which is taken from OpenEmu and other projects.

You can use an Android TV set top box like Nvidia Shield for emulation. There are many emulators available for you for a large number of systems. These emulators are directly availablr to you from Google Play Store. It is available to you without the need for the compiling and sideloading. But in case if you want Apple’s TV platform for some other reasons, you have to at least emulate on Apple’s box if it is possible.

apple tv

With iOS 9, Apple has opened a loophole for sideloading apps, with the help of this you can take advantage. Basically, anyone can open their Apple developer account without spending any kind of money, even you can built compiling and loading apps to test hardware without any cost.

Here’s a quick list of the things that you’ll need for the Apple TV specifically:

  • The most important is Mac running OS X 10.10.5.
  • To change any old Apple ID into a developer account it is very important to have an Apple ID. Sign in at
  • You have to download Xcode 7.2 from the Mac App Store, which requires more than 4GB of disk space by itself. But you have to ensure that Xcode must not downloaded from any other operating system than Apple.
  • To connect your Apple TV to Mac via service port, it is necessary to have to USB C to USB A cable.
  • Use Retrode 2 for creating ROMs (legally). If you want to acquire them, you have to do at your own risk.