Utility for Free External Hard Drive Recovery

HDD, Hard Disk Drive is the integral part in the PC or laptop used to store data in it. It has limitations to store data on it. If you wish to store data even after HDD gets full then where to store? The answer is External Hard Drive. Like internal HDD external HDD also is a safe to store your data. But in situations you might face the abnormal behavior of the external HDD like refusing to open or not to display the files etc.

This may happen because of loss of data from HDD. As expert advice keep backup copy and recover the data in case of loss. In case you not kept backup copy and lost data, no need to get worry because here we presenting Free Partition Recovery software. By utilizing this app you recover all the data from HDD. There are many situations where you would lose the data from HDD. Let`s have a precise look on it-


  • Accidental deletion- supposes you connect the external HDD to PC willing to operate it. While working by mistake if you format the drive then within a fraction of second you will lose all the data from the HDD.
  • Virus influence- if PC has virus and you connect HDD to it then HDD will get the influence of virus and you might lose the data from HDD.

Still there are numerous situations like corruption, interruption in process, OS crash, system abruptly shut down etc. If you want to see more info visits: www.free-partitionrecovery.com/external-hard-drive.html. Whatever will be the situation for data lose this recovery tool will regain the lost data. Below we will be looking for some features of this tool-


  • External drives like USB drives, FireWire drives, and iPods will be recovered for data.
  • Also recovers internal hard disc drives like SCSI, SATA, and IDE etc. for data.
  •  Drives or partitions like NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT will b scanned and recovered.
  • Files which are deleted by SHIFT+DEL key hit will be recovered easily.
  • Bypassing Windows recycle bin data will be lost because of oversize also recovered.
  • Files get recovered which are deleted by command prompt in Windows OS.
  • Some files in formatted NTFS drive are in compressed form will also be recovered.
  • NTFS drives also contains the files which are having ADS (Alternate Data Stream) properties will also be recovered.
  • In case to overcome the bad sector issue it generates the image of dick and later recovers the data from it.
  • It can identify more than 300 different types of files which include emails, zip type, documents, spreadsheets etc. and recover it.
  •  Formatted or deleted partitions like RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 are scanned and data will be recovered.
  • Recovered data can be compressed to memory optimization.