What are Drones and What are They Used for?

Drones are considered as the most advanced equipments in the field of electronics, robotics, and aeronautics. They are aerial vehicles that usually come in wide variety of sizes, shapes, and functions. Generally, these drones are controlled either by remote or control systems from the ground. Drones are mostly used in military services in order to prevent terrorists’ attacks, and capturing the activities of important terrorist leaders. Nowadays, drones are widely used in other fields like search and rescue, weather analysis, etc.


Drones are usually used in circumstances, when manned flights are considered as too risky or difficulty. They provide troops with 24/7 “eye in the sky”. Each drones can stay for around seventeen hours and can send the real time pictures or activities carried out on the enemies ground.

How Drones work?

First of all, let us know how construction of Drones is made. A typical drone is made of light composite materials in order to reduce its weight and increase manoeuvrability. The composite material strengths also allow it to cruise at extremely high altitudes. Drones are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS), infra red cameras, laser or GPS guided missiles, and other secret systems. They can be controlled either by remote control or by ground cockpit. Drones cam with wide variety of sizes, so that some can be launched by hand where as some of them requires short runways. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has two parts, namely the Drone itself and the control system. These Drones are controlled by trained Pilots or by expert programmers from the ground itself. The surveillance data is sent to the satellites from which it is received by the ground forces to attack the strategies and vulnerable areas of opposite i.e., enemy’s camp. Drones will fly to a extremely high altitudes in order to avoid detection. Drones are of very high cost, nearly 50 million US dollars.

Sensors and navigational systems are usually present at the nose of the Drones. The remaining part of the Drone body is completely innovative, since there is no loss of space for accumulating humans and also of light weight. The engineering materials used to construct Drones are highly complex composites that can absorb vibration and reduces the noise produced. They can even be equipped with missiles to exterminate the targets and to provide support to ground military forces.